Transport and logistics can significantly increase the cost of exporting bulk ore materials if the transport infrastructure and/or a deepwater port is not located close to the mine site. Economies of scale plays a significant part in the costs of the commodity delivered to the end user.

Mining companies are often faced with the problem of needing to transport a commodity vast distances via road or rail to the closest available deepwater port. This can be an expensive solution and to construct a deepwater port in many circumstances may not be the most cost effective solution and a financial barrier to market.

It is often feasible and the best option to provide a Transhipment solution. This allows smaller vessels with shallow draft to transfer the commodity from small harbours or river deltas close to the mine site to deepwater ocean-going export vessels stationed offshore.

Agemar offers a range of transhipment solutions, which provide mineral exporters with low cost, low risk and environmentally responsible logistics solutions.

Our services include:

  • Logistics planning
  • Loading operations
  • Transhipment freight (cost)
  • Logistics modelling and ocean freight impact analysis
  • Specialist agency support
  • Permits and government liaison
  • Fuel procurement
  • Dredging (if required)

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